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Rethink Cities to Help Asia Make the Most of Urbanization

Rethink Cities to Help Asia Make the Most of Urbanization

Cities have always played a central role in economic development by bringing workers and entrepreneurs together, spurring innovation, and sharing resources, writes Rana Hasan with ADB’s economic research department. Read more

Our Mission

achieve a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable asia and the pacific, while sustaining our efforts to eradicate extreme poverty.

  Strategy 2030   Annual Report 2018   Agreement Establishing ADB

What's New

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Crafting a New Strategy for a Better Future in Nepal

红包扫雷开发in formulating a new country partnership strategy for nepal, adb held consultations with stakeholders in all 7 provinces and in kathmandu to collect their views on development priorities.

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To make our kids smarter, let’s start feeding them properly

as governments grapple with the challenge of improving learning outcomes, one solution may lie in the mighty micronutrient.

 53rd Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors


Anyounghaseyo! ADB Invites Delegates to its 53rd Annual Meeting

adb secretary eugenue zhukov extends an advanced welcome to delegates of the 53rd annual meeting of the adb board of governors, which will be held in incheon, republic of korea, from 2 may to 5 may 2020.

news release

Registration Opens for ADB's 53rd Annual Meeting

registration is now open for adb's 53rd annual meeting of the board of governors, with the theme: “asia 2020: innovation, inclusiveness, and integration.”

incheon 2020

Guide for delegates

this guide for adb annual meeting participants provides useful arrangement details for the 53rd annual meeting in incheon.

Schedule of Events

Invitation to Media

Asian Development Fund (ADF)

adf provides grants to adb's lower-income developing member countries. established in 1974, the adf initially provided loans on concessional terms. activities supported by the adf promote poverty reduction and improvements in the quality of life in the poorer countries of the asia and pacific region.


Together We Deliver: Grants for a Brighter Future

this edition focuses on how asian development fund (adf) grants are uplifting the lives of millions of the most vulnerable people in asia and the pacific.

project result / case study

Building Dreams in the Lao PDR

红包扫雷开发the adf-assisted greater mekong subregion (gms) tourism infrastructure for inclusive growth project, has spurred a sharp rise in homestay and other tourism-based businesses in the southern part of champasak province, lao pdr.

红包扫雷开发project result / case study

Emergency Assistance in Bangladesh

the influx of more than 700,000 people from myanmar’s rakhine state into cox’s bazar district in neighboring bangladesh in august 2017 created a humanitarian crisis. joining concerted international efforts, adb quickly mobilized adf grant funding of $100 million to help ensure this emergency situation did not escalate further.

ADB in the Capital Markets

a leading triple-a borrower in the international markets, adb raises funds regularly through bond issues in international and domestic capital markets, reflecting strong credit fundamentals and conservative financial policies.

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Investor Presentation

红包扫雷开发the adb investor presentation provides an overview of the asian development bank, its operations, and other information relevant to prospective investors.


ADB Green Bonds Newsletter and Impact Report 2018

at least 75% of the number of adb’s committed operations will be supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation by 2030. climate finance from adb’s own resources will reach $80 billion during 2019–2030.

Private Sector Financing

private investment is key to asia’s prosperity. adb works with private sector clients to empower communities in many ways—like building the infrastructure they need, boosting farmer incomes, and delivering clean energy supplies.


Public–Private Partnership Monitor (Second Edition)

this publication presents information on the status of the public–private partnership (ppp) environment in 12 adb member countries.


Scaling-up Investment in Agribusiness is Helping Transform Asia and the Pacific

agribusiness is a potent way for countries to achieve almost all of their sdgs. adb is working with private sector partners to have transformational impact on agribusiness in asia and the pacific.


economic research and statistical work contributes to knowledge generation in adb and help strengthen its institutional priorities and effectiveness of country operations.

ADB Data Library

the adb data library is the central store for all of adb's public data. browse data, view visualizations and interact with apis.

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